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About Us is a modernized Tamil news generation, set up on June 09 2017 with a target to instruct and teach people about the latest happenings on the planet about TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS, TAMILNADU, INDIA, WORLD, VIDEO, CINEMA, MEDICAL, SPORTS AND LIFE STYLE and significantly more.


We will most likely disperse tried and true news Special articles; meet and distinctive bits of information that could empower people to understand news betterly. One of the snappiest creating with adaptable/you tube/electronic news with quality substance, Video, Interview et cetera.


Our vision to make propelled substance easily open, By automated we have started with News, we have plans to get in contact distinctive segments like chronicles, Technology, Movie Site where the common residents have regular necessities. Our article vision is to pass on hard news – not hypothesis and bits of chatter.

Confining of site serves to fill in the void with the nonattendance of trustworthy Tamil news locales. Our to-the-point news things are passed on professionally in an Associated Press-style for quick overview and examination.

As effectively saw, our article vision is to pass on hard news — not theory and bits of talk. We are not pros, nor do we claim to be. We will, every so often, confer mistakes and we esteem any changes or general feedback.

In case there is anything we can empower you to out with, or if there is anything you may need us to cover, don’t postpone to associate with our connect with us page.